Hamburg Central School District

Article VII Committee
The Hamburg Central School District  "Article 7" Committee  consists of teachers and administrators who (usually) meet on a monthly basis. Topics may include lesson planning, improving instruction, assessment/evaluation, etc.
Meeting minutes, along with various recommended resources can be found on this web-page, as well.
This form can be filled out on your computer. 
         1) To access the template click on the link above
         2) The file will open in the browser view mode. 
         3) Move your curser to the lower right hand corner of the document to view this menu.  Adobe menu
         4) Click on the disk in the menu and the "save as" window appears- save it to a local drive or your school drive 
         5) It is recommended that you close your web browser 
         6) Open Adobe Reader program on your computer
         7) In Adobe Reader - click File> open> locate your file where you saved it on your local drive or your school drive
         8) You now can enter your Lesson information into the Lesson Plan Template
         9) Be sure to save your work! click file>save as> and save it as a file name of your lesson
Reminders: When you open the document, it must open in Adobe Reader to type in it and save the the document. This document contains scroll-able text boxes. It will not print out properly at this time but it can be email to Administrator for review. 
Here is the Adobe reader link for your home computer: ( ). ALL SCHOOL COMPUTER HAVE IT INSTALLED ALREADY.